Sunday, June 10, 2012

style icon: Wes Anderson

when somebody's style is distinctive enough to be mocked and parodied, it always gets extra points from me. 

interviewers delight in describing his outfits, like this Guardian journalist whose account of a meeting with Anderson contains phrases like "He crosses and uncrosses his legs, clad in his trademark clay-coloured corduroy, strokes his clean-shaven chin and runs his hands through his mousey bob." and "...he admits, shifting in his chair and adjusting the over-sized lapel of his pale blue striped shirt."

a while ago someone opined that it's impossible to pull off a white suit without looking like a Columbian mafia lord, and i sort of agreed. but doesn't Wes wear it well?


i'll dress as Wes Anderson for the next Halloween party, shall I? and i'll enjoy it so much that i'll start sporting the get-up daily.