Friday, August 24, 2012


 Flock Of The Bay this is called. A little preppy, and the cut is too much like the kind of dress coats I will never wear, but the print! It's on discount on Modcloth right now, where the print is described as "an avian assembly."

Rick Owens. Isn't this the ultimate protect-me-from-the-world garment even as it's short and sleeveless?

This I saw on Modcloth too, I think. Cute but appropriately weird. 

Y3 sneakers! Also on discount. But if discounts on Y3 were ever relevant to me I wouldn't be making wishlists. 

Flowering tea! Which I'd be saving for when friends visit and I'd make it in a flower vase for lack of a glass pitcher and we'd watch the flower open and talk about things, slowly.

This one got an important prize and a few bad reviews claiming that it's overrated. The title, at least, is right up my alley. These days. Oh just look at the time... And there is some fun to be had reading in a language I half understand. Also, I found out recently that P.d.M. gave up a career as a pianist. 

Jean Cocteau's 1946 Beauty And The Beast. I haven't seen it since I was 5 and clueless about what I was watching. You know, just to check if I have changed a tiny bit.

It doesn't really fit with my, um, interior, but perhaps I can cuddle it while missing the BBC Sherlock? And this one's more faded than the one Dr.Watson had on his cozy armchair, opposite Sherlock's. And it's to be found here.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August moodboard

Asher Levine SS2012, Kate Winslet by Mario Testino, Rick Owens FW 2012, Mia Wasikowska by Santiago Sierra, Nicolas Rippol by Karim Sadli, Yamamoto SS 2012, Callum Wilson by Markus Pritzi.