Monday, May 31, 2010

there appears to be a hole in your dress

My friend F. said - I paraphrase - that she couldn't bring herself to see fashion as more than a cash cow based on consumerism and glamor. I was surprised to hear this from a person so clearly aware of the power of self-expression that exists in choosing what to wear. But I don't even have to take that road to demonstrate that fashion need not be consumerist. There's a simpler way: so much of what high fashion produces isn't supposed to be pretty (in the consumerist 'buy me' sense) and isn't wearable. Take Viktor&Rolf. These designers have an architectural approach to clothing. Some models really look like they're wearing a building on the runway. I'm pretty sure Viktor&Rolf didn't set out to design clothes that will sell when they came up with these tulle ball gowns:

I'm trying to imagine how would one advertise this dress. 'You want to look like the Sydney Opera House? We have just the thing for you!':

This one is wearable, although the top looks like a fan, and anyway, this dress doesn't say 'consumerist fashion' to me:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Miuccia Prada rocks my socks

the temperature outside continues to induce cocoa cravings, and apparently cold weather will linger for another while, so apart from sweaters and cardigans we might wanna reach for some woolen socks and tights. the champion of woolen socks and tights this season is Miuccia Prada. One of the reasons why I like looking at runways is because nothing is inappropriate in that context. everything is possible. like with magic. Woolen tights and strap sandals,yay!

Woolen socks and cocktail dress, yuppie!

Woolen tights with torsade, in high-heeled shoes!

And lo and behold, a woolen cocktail dress, presumably to make those woolen socks feel more at home. Oh, and since we're going to such lengths, also a woolen bag!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Thursday was real summer - 28 degrees. Now there are six, and it's gray and drizzling. The radiators are back on, and sweaters and hot chocolate are in demand again. As if to satisfy a craving, I had another look at the queen of knits' latest runway. Made me feel warm inside. So, ladies and gentlemen, Sonia Rykiel, Fall 2010. White tights and chunky cardigan dresses. I hope this hits the mass market; it would be a good follow-up to the dress-length vests.

Are they too BCBJ? I suppose they would go with a sneaker-boot as well, particularly if a little oversized (the cardigans, not the boots). Oh, and different tights, of course (white is hopelessly BCBG in this context). Something grayish or beige would be the right hue of geeky.

I also like the loose asymmetric sweater, and the stripes with the changing color scheme.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

farewell, Uniform Project

Remember the Uniform Project? Today is the first day without a new outfit from the amazing Sheena Matheiken. The 365 days reserved for the little black dress ended. I wonder what's she wearing today..Here's a selection of my favorites from the last month of UP. But there's nothing better than the source..