Saturday, May 8, 2010

Miuccia Prada rocks my socks

the temperature outside continues to induce cocoa cravings, and apparently cold weather will linger for another while, so apart from sweaters and cardigans we might wanna reach for some woolen socks and tights. the champion of woolen socks and tights this season is Miuccia Prada. One of the reasons why I like looking at runways is because nothing is inappropriate in that context. everything is possible. like with magic. Woolen tights and strap sandals,yay!

Woolen socks and cocktail dress, yuppie!

Woolen tights with torsade, in high-heeled shoes!

And lo and behold, a woolen cocktail dress, presumably to make those woolen socks feel more at home. Oh, and since we're going to such lengths, also a woolen bag!


  1. they look rather 'heavy', but at least they must be very warm..

  2. i don't suppose they're made of pure wool, so maybe not that heavy..I'd totally wear this if they were leggings or it they had a thinner cotton foot.