Friday, April 23, 2010


there is no question that i'm a superwoman. the only question is: which? ta-dam:

Trinity was created in your image and likeness. You could become a hacker and master any martial art. You are able to defend yourself better than any man, and, truth be told, you'd do a good job defending him as well. You'd do all it takes for a worthy purpose; you are a workaholic and you can't fall asleep without digesting a gigabyte of information.

yep. that's me. aham. yes.


  1. :) Which quiz was that? I want to do it, too!

  2. what do you mean, which test? The most reliable thing in the world: the ALWAYS test ( Translation, in order of appearance:

    1. if you were a totem, which one?
    2. you never leave home without (newspapers, dark shades, car keys, books, hairbrush and mirror, agenda and shopping list, hands-free, black umbrella, lipstick).
    3. if you were to experiment with your hairdo for one evening, which would you choose?
    4. these shoes are made for truly self-confident women..
    5.first thing upon waking up you: turn on the news channel, have sex, check your agenda, play with the cat, do yoga, make coffee and breakfast, turn on your laptop, put on make-up and do your hair, lay in bed lazily and stretch).
    6. in order to get a good rest, you need to: read a book, do sports, sleep, party with your girlfriends, have a walk in the park, hang out with your friends, surf the internet, do the dishes, dance with a man.
    7. what kind of underwear would you like as a gift?
    8. your Mr. Perfect should be: smart, stronger than you, playfully brisk, able to protect you, attentive, friendly, honorable, decent, passionate.
    9. the best way to meet a guy: ask what's he reading, put on a short skirt, give him your card, get into trouble, smile and say hello, spill over a cocktail at a party, send him an email, strike up a conversation while waiting in the line, ignore him completely.
    10. what kind of dance would you like to learn? (club dance, striptease, rock-n-roll, techtronic, ballet, contemporary improvisational dance, capoeira, Irish, ballroom dances).

    I'm dying to know who are you!

  3. When I discovered that you have translated all the questions for me and are so eager to know my results, I did the test right after waking up, stretching, peeing (not a morning option in the test, unfortunately) and opening my laptop, even before breakfast.
    I took care to give the most bookish and least submissive answers, which at times was very difficult. For instance, all the photographs under the header of "the best way to meet a guy" were unbearably flirtatious. But you want to know who I am... I'm Wonder Woman! :) Unfortunately, I couldn't read the result description, so I had to go to wikipedia to inform myself that she has "all the strength of a Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman". I guess it goes to show there's no way to get around allure one way or the other in this test... Also, she doesn't wear the underwear I chose.

  4. But she does have a Lasso of Truth ("which forces those bound by it to tell the truth"), just like me.

  5. cool) I spent the last 15 minutes trying to guess your answers hoping I'd get Wonder Woman (it would have helped to know the underwear you want. and's improvisational dance, right??) and read the description the quiz gives, but I kept getting Scarlett O'Hara and , OMG, Sailor Moon. Why why why am I not sailor moon? I thought I was sailor moon to the tip of my toes...oh, right...the times the are a-changing..

  6. Haha, this thing is really addictive. I also did it once more and gave all my second best answers and ended up as sailor moon.

  7. And yes, contemporary improvisational dance. Since there was no tango.

  8. tango is a ballroom dance, isn't it?

  9. Yees, but I couldn't say that because waltz and disco fox are also ballroom dances.

    (Now you have ten comments.)

  10. i suspect you chose improvisational because it's closer to your ideal self)

    yees, but it also includes salsa and cha-cha)