Monday, August 2, 2010


My friend F. is invited to a wedding with the following dress-code: everyone must wear one color only, and it can't be black nor white (the creatively challenged are threatened with a punishment). Ton-sur-ton outfits are actually more interesting than they sound. Coincidentally, the style site has a selection on the topic (apparently this is a trend), of which I made a selection (ton-sur-ton? selection-of-selection? get it?):

These were: TSE, Richard Nicoll, Oscar de la Renta, Margiela, and Charles Anastase. The next one's Bottega Veneta, and the difference in the hues makes its placement in this selection disputable, but who wants to be pedantic. As it happens, my friend F. has a beautiful pair of pink trousers which she could build on to replicate this outfit, but she's partial to yellow these days. So, Bottega Veneta:

The next two are from Vivienne Westwood's Fall 2010 collections. This dress looks like it's made from a huge supermarket plastic bag. The folds are both sculptural and light:

And this one I selected because I was surprised how well wine and yellow go together, but ironically I'm placing it here: if we make abstraction of that little yellow cardigan, we see an interesting hue-on-hue outfit.


  1. This post does invite a comment from your friend F. ... ;)

    It's funny how intense the responses this dress code triggers. Rieke dreamt of it, and even my mother's friend offered two dresses of hers to me. Meanwhile, I've found my bright yellow outfit in a Potsdam Second Hand shop. It's not quite as nice as your model's yellow outfit, but it's yellow alright.

    And by the way, the requirements are even stricter: It must be a colour from the gay rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or lilac. The pink pants were out from the start. So I chose yellow because I thought not many others would.

  2. yes, well, maybe it's everyone's secret wish to wear just one color every day, which would explain the intense responses). Or it's our repressed homosexuality speaking. Or both.

    too bad the pink pants weren't an option. do send me a pic with the yellow outfit.

  3. I think it's because it's such a great, colourful and impressive picture: a rainbow made from people.

  4. yes! like in the Dutch fairytale i translated last year)