Monday, November 15, 2010


when in crisis, go back to the basics. one of my first posts here was about dolls. i love dolls. always have. they're one of those things that can wind me up when i'm in a puddle of apathy.

so, i'm having a cuteness attack and i'm nearly crying here. just look:

Yes she's conventional, no i don't care. partly because i'm convinced she keeps a grotesque little diary and has a parrot whom she taught various puns. i know i've been demanding, Santa, but not like you brought me anything anyway...!!! I could actually afford to buy her, but isn't this supposed to be one of those hints that everyone turns a deaf ear to and you always remember it as that wonderful wonderful doll which would have changed your life if only dad cared enough?...

I'll sleep on it. But seriously: the effect would be double in the event of a surprise (said she with a sigh and poked the pillow).

And one more, for sweet dreams.

and they all live here.


  1. eesh, they look scary! like aliens...

    i've been wondering whether this sort of title hints at a breakdown between signifier and signified. i've been trying to make sense of the combination, but it just looks like something someone would jot down thoughtlessly while talking on the phone.

  2. yes, this post and the previous are part of an 'aliens in our midst' series.

    it's something somebody did manically jot down during a cuteness attack. tell me more about the breakdown though, it rings true.