Wednesday, February 23, 2011

style empress

one of the few people I look forward to seeing on various red carpets. she's mostly placed in the 'what were they thinking' section, always with more humor and stamina than those pathetic captions. once, however, some glossy magazine dubbed her a style icon, which made her laugh. says her favorite garment are her bloomers.

a zany mom comes in handy as far as role models are concerned..

and, dare we hope, like mother, like children?


  1. somehow she reminds me of tanja (by the uncensored face expression in photo #2). and of geraldine (by the uncensored mix of clothes). by the way, the other day i saw geraldine at school. or rather, she saw me. she came up to me and lifted me up by the waist for a somersault. then we continued on our respective ways.

  2. ha, when I read this comment in my inbox i somehow thought it referred to Emma Watson's gray dress. Now that I'm satisfied that you do not find Oscar de la Renta uncensored (and Geraldinish): somersaults are good.