Friday, December 16, 2011

expensive wishlist items

We're done playing the "if you exist" game with santa, of course, but there's something about dolls that automatically places them in the gift category for me. That "add to cart" button is a little disturbing. Anyway... these darlings are by Italian doll manufacturer Monte Dragone. There's more of them on the official website, where the pictures are from.

Then again, the right and ability to use the "add to cart" button is a privilege of autonomy. The disenchanted world is there to be enjoyed. How symptomatic that I forget, again, that being an adult is supposed to be an advantage, not a handicap.

Traumas aside, there's a bit of an issue with those three figure prices. I might be persuaded to settle for a Doll Collector magazine, which is only six dollars. I'm pretty good at living vicariously anyway.

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