Monday, August 12, 2013

Rick Owens as therapy

Here's Rick Owens on why he doesn't do couture, on prioritizing wearable designs, on being married to one essential idea and on why all his collections could be said to be one and the same, on wanting to preserve a space of one's own, plus a couple of touching phrases about his parents:

I've listened to this interview on days when my ADD was particularly bad -- the calm and logical flow of his speech has soothing and restoring effects on me. I try to conjure this gorgeous spirit when, riddled with OCDs, I'm fighting my intermittent war against the entirety of my wardrobe. What he says in the end about staying humble and focused and working hard is precisely what I want so badly to be able to do. 

Finally, in an attempt to make all this at least remotely about fashion: Rick Owens is, for me, the grounded antipode to the always admirably impractical Rei Kawakubo.

This is from his Spring 2014 menswear collection, and it's basically how I want to dress.

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