Sunday, May 29, 2011

H&M Mens Fall/Winter 2011

The pants!

And I think the time is ripe for M to get a tuxedo. I've been wanting one ever since I saw one in Zara back in 2003. That one had a sharper, Victorian cut, and staring at the showcase I let slip something to the effect of 'Oh...I wanna be buried in this outfit!...", which was understood too literally by my mother. Um, anyway, I think this one would look alright with a whole bunch of stuff, including a backpack and a long, stuffy, fringed scarf.

Of course, the usual rub with H&M is the poor quality. Yet for all that, I've had things from H&M that have kept up with my reckless wearing habits for as long as five years. From my experience, their expensive stuff (expensive by their standards) tends to be decent and wears pretty well with due care. It's still good value compared to similar styles in classier shops.


  1. I know what would also look good with the tuxedo - a double bass shaped backpack).

  2. hm...and i'd need to get a double bass shaped laptop to fit into it, right?...)

  3. i dig the first pair. and the checked ones with the diagonal fly.