Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is a squee post.

So, Chanel's Fall 2011 rtw. Cormack McCarthy's "The Road" and the works of Kaspar David Friedrich keep coming up in runway reviews as the inspiration for this collection, and while that accounts for the color palette, I don't see 'post-cataclysmic world' written all over these clothes. I mean, those low-heeled pumps and rolled up trousers are way too perky to connote struggle with natural and hobbesian calamities. Yes, combat boots...but seriously, they look cozy rather than fierce. No, that's not quite right: you could battle dragons dressed like that, but you'd feel very cozy while you're at it, and even look elegant, to boot.

Last year I was complaining the Channel collection wasn't weird enough. This one isn't weird at all, and I like it because it's the opposite of weird. It reminds me of Sigur Ros videos. It makes me want to climb into the picture and live there. Warm fuzzy wearable Chanel:

So, just for statistics: is there anyone who finds these guys' outfits gladiatorial? As far as I'm concerned, they look like very huggable creatures. In fact all those pockets make me think these guys would make wonderful fathers. No, I don't think I can explain that connection:

Now look what's become of the rigid Chanel skirt suit. It has a pouch!

"Look, Karl, I hate dressing up. Can you to design me some pyjamas that I could wear to the Oscars?"

"Oh sure, there you go."

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