Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Living Wake

Somewhere in an alternative universe this film is a cult movie whose brilliant dialogs have been ripped into quotes and household sayings. Matching sites questionnaires include the question 'Did you cry at the final scene of The Living Wake?' or 'What's your favorite Living Wake quote?'. On Halloween people dress as K. Roth Binew and Mills, though many devoted fans have adopted that style for their daily outfits. Some people even drive rickshaws.

Isn't Jesse Eisenber's (well, everything, but let's focus...) jacket to die for?

Also, every respectable magazine in that alternative universe has at some point compiled a lookbook in the style of The Living Wake, and one of them features these wonderpants:

In this universe, however, these are just some cool pants I found while roaming the internets and saved for a Living Wake post on this blog, which I decided to write so that more people, even if only two more (sparse readership, watcha gonna do) would find out about this wonderful movie and watch it. Seriously, do it now. Or put it on your watch list and feel very guilty or at least deprived for not finding the time to see it until you do see it and write odes to it in your own blogs.

Now, considering that chariots and rickshaws have rolled into my fantasies lately, perhaps the time is ripe for me to get a tricycle...!!


  1. I actually had been the lucky owner of a similar jacket when I was one-digit-number old, before checkered stuff became mainstream. I think there was a photogrophical recording of it from some wedding I was running after same age girls. Let's see if the family archive still has a hold of it.

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  3. I myself have at some point owned a pair like that. Good times.

    How about digging up that archived picture?